Pioneer Lane

The Watson Twins bring their signature sibling harmonies to Pioneer Lane, a collection of original family folk songs.  Combining their Indie-Rock sensibilities with positive pop lyrics, Pioneer Lane is a record for the whole family. Producer Russell Pollard, of the band Everest, creates a whimsical instrumental landscape which complements the songs and gives this record a unique sound.  The sisters started singing at an early age and were inspired to contribute new songs to the ever growing genre of Children's Music.  Friendship, family, nature and love resonate at the heart of this record from beginning to end.

Burnside Records



Talking to You, Talking to Me

Undoubtedly their most ambitious to date, this album finds The Watson Twins taking a soulful turn …a la Carole King, but with a distinct Pop edge reminiscent of Feist. The result is a heartfelt nod to their roots, retaining the ethereal harmonies that have become their signature while incorporating a myriad of influences and inspirations.

Vanguard Records



Fire Songs

Identical twins Chandra and Leigh Watson, veterans of the contemporary folk rock scene in Los Angeles will release "Fire Songs", their label debut full length. The twins are akin to various scenes such as indie rock, new folk, alt-country/Americana and cannot be neatly categorized into one. The Kentucky-born duo count folk, gospel, blues and country as early influences.

Vanguard Records


Southern Manners

The debut EP release from the Watson Twins moves them from back-up singers to the front of the stage, showcasing their songwriting abilities and harmonies.  These songs recorded in analog offer a sonic landscape that floats through time and place making it a listen for years to come.

Original Self Released Album


Night Covers

The Night Covers EP is filled with Laurel Canyon-country and the continued taste of the Twins brilliant harmonies. This album sees a new approach, a groove set deep in the cushions of a couch in a ‘70s family den with an AM/FM radio vibe that’s all Fender Rhodes. This EP is a collection of cover songs that range from Bill Withers’ hit, “Ain’t No Sunshine,” done as a ‘70s swamp-blues lounge tune, to the Black Keys’ “Tighten Up,” sung as a slow brooding-in-tongues.

Original Self Released Cover Album